The Movement

Present Human Civilization to Ideal Human Civilization

The Idea for Flowchart

1 – The development of the Individual Personality is dependent on the formation of Character, which becomes the predominant aspect for individual and collective development

2 – The development of Peace within the Personality is the recoil of the momentum, tending to bring it to rest, before darting

3 – The dart towards Progress is like the flying of the arrow at the target after it had been brought to complete rest and momentum provided with directed guidance

4 – Directed persistent Progress is the guiding force  towards Prosperity

5 – Individual Prosperity spread across the population is the groundwork laid down for a Prosperous Collective

6 – Unlike in the flow chart of the Individual, in the Collective aspect, a Prosperous Collective provides the push for Collective Progress as the Collective Prosperity lays down business based on research, which then helps draw trajectories for Collective Progress

7 – Collective Progress functions as a feed and also is fed into by Individual Progress

8 – Collective Progress creates the opportunity to exhibit to the world the principle of Collective Peace.

9 – The idea of Collective Peace strengthens the Individual’s pursuit of inner peace

10 – The pursuit of Collective Peace renders towards the formation of a Collective Personality/Character

11 – Individual Personality and Collective Personality in tandem help to produce the ideational base of the Ideal Individual

12 – The Ideal Individual can be conceptualized based on the fundamentals of Individual & Collective Personality

13 – The collective of Ideal Individuals give us an Ideal Human Civilization